Function Centre

Along a winding road lined with golden wattles and native trees, there is a farm, 5km from Boyup Brook. Since the early signs of life at Boyup Brook, this farm has been in the Dickson family. The Dickson's 100 years celebration of the family being in Boyup Brook was held in 1985. Farm animals and wild birds watch as people from all walks of life really enjoy roaming around the garden, filled with native plants and trees.

The first Country Music Show was held in the old barn in 1969, and the first show in the new Entertainment Venue was in 1986.

The Record Room, some people like to call it the Elvis Room. Harvey started buying records when he was 14 then it turned into an obsession and is still buying records today. The room hasn't changed in the last 20 years, we are just running out of space. Folks look in wonder at the abundance of records, posters, badges, books, spoons, cans, bottles, T-shirts and the Elvis Presley memorabilia on display. Everybody loves to sit and listen to music and take in what the record room has to offer.

Wander over to the Bunyip Shed, and gaze at memorabilia ranging from over 100 years to now. Check out the Bushman's Bar, stage area, shearing pens, and the lifesize Elvis by Sandy Chambers. All over the centre you can see an assortment of animals, sculpted out of wood. Three 45ft Guitar Men stand tall and proud, which started out as trees growing in the wild. Boots, hats, eyes and mouths have been added along with metal guitars. King Billy is also there on the horizon and the famous Sundown Corral. Don't forget the bunkhouse or the old bus, trucks, tractors, boats and canoes. The list of things to see and admire just goes on and on.

It is a mixture of mystery, enchantment and charm and most of all, enjoyable. In short, Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre with its unique collection of memorabilia, coupled with its picturesque surroundings makes it an ideal stopover for the travelling tourist.

The Entertainment Room at Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre has to be seen to be believed! Available for hire for any kind of function, from weddings and parties to concerts and seminars.

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